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GM duckers! Wow, how stressful to write this first article! It’s going to be a looong and perilous adventure, full of unexpected events, encounters, good and bad ideas, initiatives… but most of all, laughter and great memes! I’m so excited!

Let’s calm down and start at the beginning. I’m Mark Duckerberg, yours truly, and with the help of Warren Duckett and M0therDucker, two crypto friends, I created the cryptocurrency Duckereum.

What’s all this about?

If you’ve been in the cryptosphere for a few years, you’ve seen the same thing I have. New projects are launched almost every day, by brilliant people full of talent, aiming to revolutionize their sector thanks to the blockchain and their token. Hmm.

The blockchain is an incredible invention that can also be used for self-deprecation, for laughter, for fun, without a super mega giga revolutionary project that will change the world forever.

That’s why Doge is there, and all the other meme tokens… you said?

We love Doge. And we so wish we could have been there at the beginning, to enjoy the memes and the light-hearted, fun, no-holds-barred, marketcap-free community spirit. Unfortunately, we were still chicks, and discovered the crypto world too late. And then, what a shock! Why do we have the feeling that all the tweets and discussions about Doge are only about its dollar value?

As for the other meme tokens, they simply do not deserve the name. If they are not pure scams, they all share the same ridiculous ambitions to increase their marketcap at all costs, using exaggerated incentives to buy (which are not financial advice, of course), competing to make deals with unscrupulous influencers who don’t hesitate to share anything as long as they get paid. What exactly is funny about that?

No, no, no… it’s time to make crypto fun again. We want to revive the light-hearted and oh-so-pleasant spirit of Doge. And that’s why we created Duckereum, which has no other purpose than to make people laugh, to bring joy, good, sincerity, and smiles to this crazy world! We don’t have anything to revolutionize, we don’t promise any return on investment (we even think you should invest your money in something else), we don’t have any deflationary mechanisms or deals with great scamme… influencers to make our currency increase in value.

We just want great memes. We’d love to see people competing with genius to make others laugh and bring joy to this sometimes very sad sphere.

But, all work deserves to be paid, doesn’t it? We can’t ask people to make fantastic memes for nothing. So here we are...

Okay, so what exactly is going to happen?

We’ve created Duckereum, which exists in 100 million tokens, and we’ve set aside 5 million of them (5% of the total supply) in a community wallet. Half of these tokens will be used to reward the winners of the meme contests that will be organized in the coming years, at a rate of 1 per week. The rewards are already fixed and will never change:

  • Meme contest #1 to #25: 25,000 Duckereum for the winner
  • Meme contest #26 to #75: 15,000 Duckereum for the winner
  • Meme contest #76 to #150: 10,000 Duckereum for the winner
  • Meme contest #151 to #250: 5,000 Duckereum for the winner

Each contest will have a set theme related to the news, and the Duckereum community (the Duckereum DAO for the serious guys reading) will vote for the funniest meme: the winner will receive some Duckereum. This is the super giga revolutionary project that is to threaten the established order of the American dollar and bring financial freedom to… uh, no. It won’t do any of that. But, at least, we should have some fun!

The second half of the tokens will be used for what the community has decided. All expenses, whatever they are, are scrupulously justified on a Google Sheets accessible to all.

And that’s it?

Yes, that’s all. Well, that’s all me, Warren and MD will do. But, we strongly encourage all the brilliant people who will join the Duckers’ community to create other utilities with Duckereum. A game? That would be great. A bot that sends tips? What the d*ck, when?! Because, even if our goal is to make crypto fun again, we didn’t skimp on security. Duckereum is an extremely simple smartcontract that lives on the Ethereum blockchain (don’t get me wrong), with no tax or complicated mechanisms, and renounced. The liquidity is locked many years. You are safe!

If you didn’t understand the last sentence, it means that you are still DeFi chicks, as we were. We are delighted that you are starting your adventure in this crazy world with us.

The diary

Each week, I will keep a diary on my personal Medium account, describing what happened during the last days. Yes, because Duckereum is going to be far too funny not to win people’s hearts, so someone has to tell the whole story...

Week by week, I will objectively detail what happened. So it’s up to the community to decide what the paper will say…

A few words about us, and I’ll stop, it’s getting boring, and if you’ve read this far, it’s exactly the opposite that we’re trying to propose. This title is going to be longer than the following text if I continue, so...

I am Mark Duckerberg, no one in particular. I discovered cryptocurrencies 2 years ago, and I lost all my money, because of unscrupulous people who scammed me. But, I won something: the meeting of the following two ducks.
Me on Twitter | Me on Telegram

Warren Duckett was there long before me, long before most of you. Bitcoin has changed his life, and he spends most of his time playing sports now, taking care of his family, and making investments.
Him on Twitter | Him on Telegram

M0THERducker, although her pseudonym may sound hard, is a brilliant IT graduate mother, as kind as she is sweet.
Her on Twitter | Her on Telegram

We met on another project (long story!). I told them about Duckereum, and they loved it!

So, together, let’s …

Thanks for reading!

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