Everything you need to know about our meme contests (process, prizes, DAO, …) — Read carefully

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We promise you, it will be nothing but fun and laughter. But before that, a little concentration. This article explains in detail how a meme contest works, Duckereum style. A meme may one day change a lot for you, so be sure to read carefully.

We do not laugh with meme contests. Well, yes, we are, but we mean that we take the process very seriously. We have carefully studied each step that will be detailed below, so that each contest can be as fair as possible. Let’s get started.


Every week, the Duckereum team hosts a meme contest on Twitter. A theme is imposed, and anyone can participate. A minimum of 3 memes are selected by a panel of judges, which are then submitted to the Duckereum community for voting. The winner then receives a specific number of Duckereum known in advance. And next week, we do it again.

The contest

Every Monday, before noon UTC, the Duckereum team posts a tweet announcing the opening of the contest. In this tweet, you will find the theme and the hashtags to use. To make sure you don’t miss any of them, be sure to follow @duckereum on Twitter. Entering the contest is easy, you have to:

1/ Follow @duckereum on Twitter (already done, right?)
2/ Like the tweet that announces the contest
3/ Reply to the tweet with your meme, as well as the required hashtags (the hashtags to be used will be clearly specified in the tweet announcing the contest)
4/ Tag 3 people (don’t bother people who aren’t as funny as you are, make sure you tag people who might like the initiative and want to participate ; if they win, you’ll have done them a big favor!)

That’s it. If you meet the 4 points above, you are automatically eligible for jury selection. You do not need to purchase any Duckereum.

You have 48 hours, until Wednesday noon UTC to participate.

Your proposal

You can participate by posting a meme, a GIF, a video, or any other audio visual content that is funny (surprise us!) — unless exception clearly mentioned on the tweet announcing the contest. Any NSFW submission, racist, or discriminatory will not be considered. Be funny, but be sure not to hurt anyone (we’re here to laugh, not cry).

The jury

The initial jury is made up of Duckereum’s creators (Mark Duckerberg, Warren Duckett, and M0THERducker). Afterwards, each winner of a meme contest is invited to join the jury. They can accept or decline. In addition, prominent members of the community may be offered a place of honor on the jury. Our goal is to grow the jury week after week.

Each member of the jury selects his 3 favorite memes, and his choice is visible to everyone on Google Sheets (be sure to check the “choices of jury members” tab).

The 3 memes that have been selected the most times participate in the final. The jury has 24 hours, until Thursday noon UTC, to announce its 3 favorite memes.

What happens if there is a tie?

The final must necessarily include at least 3 memes. In the event of a tie, all memes that have reached the first position (having collected the maximum number of votes) are all qualified for the final. If there are less than 3, then all the second place memes also make it to the final. If there are still not 3 memes in the final, then all memes that reached the third position also reach the final.

Okay, let’s take some examples to simplify all this. 10 memes participate in the contest, from A to J, and we have 3 members in the jury.

— Example 1:

  • Jury #1 selected A, D and F
  • Jury #2 selected A, F and H
  • Jury #3 selected B, D and F

Waw! The creator of the meme F did a great job, he gets 3 votes. He is alone in the first position. The meme A gets 2 votes, as well as the meme D. They are both in the second position. Memes H and B get 1 vote each (third position), while C, E, G, I get no vote. A top 3 is clearly established within the first two positions: F, A and D. They join the final. The DAO will have to choose the winner among 3 memes.

— Example 2:

  • Jury #1 selected A, B and C
  • Jury #2 selected C, D and E
  • Jury #3 selected F, G and H

Meme C has 2 votes, he is alone in the first position. Memes A, B, D, E, F, G and H have 1 vote, they are all in the second position. The memes I and J have no vote. Here we have 1 meme in top position, then a tie of at least 2 memes with A, B, D, E, F, G and H in the second position. We have more than 3 winners, and all of them join the final. I and J are not selected. The DAO will have to choose the winner among 8 memes.

Got it?

Why go through a jury?

We felt that this was the best way to ensure a fair competition. If we had selected the 3 memes in the final by the number of likes or retweets, some might have used bots to fudge the numbers. Others, with many followers, would have systematically joined the final. If we had asked the community to vote among all the proposals, it will become unmanageable when we are very numerous.

Community Vote (DAO)

Once the memes joining the final are identified, we submit them all to the community vote, through the snapshot.org website. They have until Friday at midnight UTC to vote.

A full article will be written detailing the voting process, but in a nutshell: all Duckereum holders can log in with their wallet to snapshot.org and vote. The more Duckereum a holder has, the more his vote counts. It is therefore the Duckereum community (the DAO) that votes for its favourite meme and elects the winner.

The winner is announced in an official tweet over the weekend, and is invited to share his wallet with the team that will transfer the Duckereum to him. His meme will be published in the weekly Duckerberg diary entry.

Some figures, and a little speculation

The rewards for the meme competitions are established from the start, and are immutable. Here’s a reminder:

  • Meme contest #1 to #25: 25,000 Duckereum for the winner
  • Meme contest #26 to #75: 15,000 Duckereum for the winner
  • Meme contest #76 to #150: 10,000 Duckereum for the winner
  • Meme contest #151 to #250: 5,000 Duckereum for the winner

With 1 meme contest per week, we can run them for about 5 years. The US dollar price of Duckereum will go up and down. We remind everyone that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and that they should only invest money that they don’t need and can lose without damage.

So, if you speculate for a minute, imagining the marketcap that Duckereum can achieve in the future (column on the left), you will be able to deduct the US dollar value of the meme contest awards (from 25,000 Duckereum for the first 25 contests, to 5,000 Duckereum for the last 100 contests).

Speculation, speculation.
Speculation only, we said!

That’s why we said in the introduction to this article, that a meme can potentially change your life… But, quack, this is all nothing but speculation. What you should know for sure now, is: get your brains and imagination firing and join us every week for our meme contest!

Thanks for reading!

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